04/29/2014 Two (2)X Rays clearly showing Debris in my Cervical Spine, Sinus Cavity and Esophagus.

 2007 Electro shock Cattle Prod and Stun Gun Scars on my human Body. Consitant with trauma based manipulation in project "Monarch". Used for erasing one's memory and compartmentalizing the mind. With me, the the aggravated assault A.R.S.(28-Pending) was done to my person in a occurance over a period of approximently 7 days. Done so after working to near exhaution in 114 degree heat in Scottsdale Arizona. Admitted to Scottsdale Health Care Osborn for heat exhaustion. After working at my employers  residence. And observing on this date of (to be confirmed from records) the identical scaring on his torso. My scaring being bioptsied by Sanora Quest Labratories in Phoenix, Arizona. Diagnosed as being scar tissue. 

Radiograph Photo Copy of Optic Nerve Micro Chip Implant 

2013 Otoscope Images of Micro Stimulator Devices in my Auditory Canal. These Devices cause Bleeding from my Ears, Extreme Pain and Severe loss of Balance of my Body.