This web site is a true life documented account of the author Mark Edward Hughes quest for justice from placement in a project MK-Ultra's sub projects "CASSANDRA" & "MONARCH". Covert United States Government Intelligence community behavior modification projects. A project that utilized my person as a human bio-medical test subject without informed cosent. Doing so in violation of the Nuremburge code, Article 3 of the Geneva & U.N. Conventions against torture. With gross vioaltions of my Civil & Constitutional rights as a United States of American citizen. And being a Christian, strong supporter of the Constitution of the United States, Armed forces, Intelligence community and American way of life.

Why I have been placed in this position, I can only speculate. The "problem's" started in mid 2002 and continue to this day as an low and high intensity war against my person. Being a individule that is a Christian, registered Republican, strong supporter of the United States Consttution and not believing in " conspiracy theories" untill the phenomina started to happen to me personally. But all aspects are consistant with Governmental behavior modification projects identified as  under Project MK-ULTRA'S sub-projects MONARCH & MARIONETTE. Doing so, utilizing SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), Bio-Medical human implantation and RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring)


As of May 23, 2011 occurrences of forced speach have escalated. Please see NSA Mind Control Psyops by Will Filer.pdf
 in the documents page. Relevent pending documents to be posted Criminal and scientific misconduct and the Mann Corporation. And volumes of medical documentation.

As of March 23, 2012 "still" photographs (6) of my ear cannal utilizing a commercially available ottoscope . With still frame capture capabillities. Though poor quality, the images clearly show debris consistant with the papers posted in Criminal and scientific misconduct and the Mann Corporation, Page 10 of 11 of "Brainchip" Phychiatry looks at the crime of electronic harassment. And the devices removed from David Larson. A Illegally implanted cochlear implant and Micro Stimulater device.  Found on And absolutly contradicts the statement of my personal Physician Lenorah Wos M.D. of Scottsdale Health Care. Stating "There it is" on examination of my left ear cannal. And then upon my repeated request of exactly what the Physician observed, dening the presence of anything present or out of the ordinary what so ever with my auditory cannal. These issues will be followed up upon by my legal advocate in a court of law.


My matter is very close to being on point with the following cases, codes, papers and statutes


John St. Clair Akwei Vs. National Security Agency      Federal CV# 92-0449 NJ

Mireille Torjman Vs. Federal Bureau of Investigations et al.      Case # Unknown D.C.

CIA Vs. Sims 471 U.S. 159 (1985)

Nuremburge Code

Article Number 3 Geneva Convention

Article Number 3 United Nations Convention


This web site is being built for the reasons listed


(a) To Compile and Chronicle all relevent facts in my matter.

(b) To Compile relevent information and facts on the subject/project.

(c) Serve as a portal to other victims as a source of resources and relevent information.

(d) Provide a medium in a blog for the exchange for those resources.

(e) Stop the Victimization thru positive action and education of the people.

(f) Expose the offending parties so justice may be served .  Chadwick M. Cord of Arizona;


Last Up dated March 23, 2012 by Mark Edward Hughes (c) 2010 all rights reserved.


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